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IBM Cloud Container Workshop


IBM Cloud Container Workshop

Dear IBM Clients and Business Partners,


The containerization, Docker and Kubernetes are already used broadly for application modernization, creating cloud native application, DevOps practices and deploying complex microservices landscapes. They are becoming a de-facto standard for new world of resource virtualisation. IBM invites you to join our IBM Cloud Container Workshop. It is a 2 day hands-on event to help IBM Business Partners and Clients understand how IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services (IKS) and IBM Cloud Private (ICP) can help our customers to handle complex hybrid container environments. The workshop includes lectures, discussions on how IKS and ICP work, hands-on exercises that participants can use to better understand what IKS and ICP do and how they are operating. During this workshop we'll look at a few examples and talk about the approaches how applications are being developed and deployed in container environment.



Day 1 (05.06.2019) – 10:00-17:00
Day 2 (06.06.2019) – 09:00-15:00  


At the end of this workshop, participants will have covered the following topics:

  • Docker overview and hands-on labs
  • Kubernetes overview and IKS / ICP positioning as service / product offerings 
  • IKS and ICP deep dive including hands-on labs
  • Using Helm charts to deploy applications (including hands-on lab)
  • DevOps practices in IKS and ICP 
  • Applications patterns 
  • Monitoring applications in container environments


Workshop Prerequisites:

- Active user at IBM Cloud. Register here: https://cloud.ibm.com 

- Active user at GitHub. Register at: https://github.com 



Please include: name and surname, job position, company name, email, phone number


*Workshop will be delivered by experienced European team in English, however local language support will be delivered by local team.


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Dorota Szreter

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