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Oracle MySQL implementation & certification Partner bootcamp


Oracle MySQL implementation & certification Partner bootcamp

Drodzy Partnerzy

w imieniu Oracle serdecznie zapraszamy na bootcamp Oracle MySQL. Nasze spotkanie zaplanowalismy w październiku i będą to 4-dniowe warsztaty podczas których możecie Państwo uzyskac stosowne certyfikaty i stać się profesjonalnym ekspertem i dostawcą usług MySQL.

Warsztaty bedą prowadzone w języku angielskim i są bezpłatne.

Jestem świadomy że zapisanie sie na warsztaty nie oznacza akcpetacji ze strony Oracle. Ostateczna akceptacja zostanie potwierdzona przez Oracle. Oracle skontaktuje się z zakfalifikowanymi Partnerami bezpośrednio. 


I am aware that signing up for a bootcamp does not mean acceptance on the workshop. Final acceptance will be confirmed by Oracle.
Oracle will contact directly with Partners who will be qualified in a separate invitation.

The MySQL Workshop is a three day entry level course in the MySQL Enterprise Edition 8.0.17. The course contains many practical exercises/hands-on labs.
Those HOL & exercises are mandatory (planned for groups of two). We will provide you access to Instances (Oracle Linux based) in the Oracle Public Cloud (Frankfurt Data center). You have to use your own Notebook (you need full admin privileges) with a recent Windows/Linux/Mac version for accessing the Instance via ssh/https. For an effective workshop you should have a basic knowledge about the following topics:

  • How to install applications on your PC (like SSH Clients, PDF/pptx Reader/Viewer, Java, Workbench & other tools)
  • Change network settings on your PC (connect to WLAN, change Proxy, disable VPNs)
  • Basic understanding of networks (IPv4, DNS, TCP Port, ssh, RDP)
  • Using SSH for accessing Linux from remote environments (based on Putty, WinSCP or MobaXterm etc.)
  • An basic understanding of Linux (ssh/ps/systemctl/sudo) common Linux commands (ls, mv, tar, pwd, systemctl, tail, useradd, sudo, grep)  
  • How to use vi  (or other CLI based text editors like nano, joe, vim - whatever editor you prefer)
  • Basic understanding of databases (MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft SQL others)
  • Basic SQL commands (use, create table, select)

Please make sure to finalize the following mandatory tasks (a/b/c) before xyz:
Participation at this boot camp requires completion of the below two courses (free online courses, about 90min each)
    + Passing the MySQL Sales Specialist Guided Learning Path (a)
    + Passing the MySQL PreSales Specialist Guided Learning Path (b)

For Evaluation purpose you can download the newest version of the MySQL products family from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud platform.
We'll need access to this site during the course (no need to download something upfront) based on your OPN access. Make sure to have your access credential available. (c)





Day 1 - 15.10.2019
Start: 09:00 am
End:   17:30 pm
Introductions / Welcome (Partner Manager)
Overview MySQL Enterprise Product Suite
Lab: Oracle Cloud Infrastucture
Lab: Setting up MySQL Lab 
Lab: Introduction into MySQL and Access
MySQL Database Design
Lab: Maintain Databases, Tables, Columns & Indexes
Day 2 - 16.10.2019
Start: 09:00 am
End:   17:30 pm
MySQL Security
Lab: MySQL Enterprise Firewall & Audit
MySQL Enterprise Monitor
Lab: MySQL Enterprise Monitor
MySQL Enterprise Backup
Lab: MySQL Backup
Day 3 - 17.10.2019
Start: 09:00 am
End:   16:30 pm
MySQL Replication and High Availability
Lab: MySQL Replication and InnoDB Cluster
Oracle MySQL Cloud Service
Lab: Oracle Public Cloud and MySQL Cloud Service
Day 4 - 18.10.2019
Start: 09:00 am
End:   15:00 pm
Additional hands-on topic and exams 


László Imre Ludas | Alliances Regional Manager

Oracle MySQL

Dodatkowe informacje

Laptop and DBA-type skills required

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